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Believe in You jest piątym endingiem do serii Glitter Force, Polskiej adaktacjii Smile Precure!. Jest on stosowany jako zakończenie dla odcinków 17 do 20.

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Hear the sound
Hey come on let's dance
Gonna hit the town
Don't you miss the chance

With your girlfriends
With your best friends!

Just keep it real and you will see
That you can always count on me
There's nothin' better than
A friendship that is true

Just believe in you!
That's all you gotta do!
Smile and show your
Beauty shinin' through!

Step back and think 
Of what you've got!
Love gives a little then a lot!
Be cool and everyone will
See the truth in you!


Glitter Force - Music Video - "Believe In You"01:15

Glitter Force - Music Video - "Believe In You"

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